How far in advance do I need to book a Removal Company?

As soon as possible. Get a number of quotes and once you are happy and comfortable with the company book A.S.A.P, this way you will get the removal company of your choice. Remember a good removal company will get booked up weeks in advance. The end of the month and Friday is the most popular time so try to book mid-week and mid month, some removal companies will give you a discount if you pick this time.


Should I get a contract?
Yes, it is important to get everything in writing even if you have agreed dates and times on the phone. Good removal companies will do this as standard practice, make sure to check all their terms and conditions especially cancellation policies. Remember to confirm your moving date and time as so many breakdown/complaints have occurred with customers not confirming dates with removal companies.


Will the movers disconnect the cooker and other appliances?
NO. By law electrical and gas work should be done by a qualified trades person. However some removal companies will do some appliances, while others will not touch anything. If they do, this is as a favour to the customer but it is at your own risk. They will stress they cannot be held liable for any damages if any problems are encountered. The washing machine is something that they can usually disconnect and should be straight forward. However problems can happen usually with the taps which are never used, you only find out they don’t work when you come move the washing machine.


Should I ask a company to visit me?
If a company does ask to come out and visit your property to clarify what you have to move, then we do highly recommend this. It allows you to receive a more accurate price and you can also get a feel for the company. Remember you are going to invite these people into you lives for a whole day and entrust them with your prized possessions. If you don’t feel comfortable with them they will not be able to keep you happy and smiling through what is one of the most stressful periods in your life.


What packages are available from removal companies?
Most removal companies will offer a number of services. The first is full pack where they will pack all items in the house, provide all packing materials and if required place items into the new property as requested. The second is part pack where they will pack only fragile and delicate items, you then pack most of the other items yourself. The next is just the removal where you pack all your boxes and they move them along with your furniture. Additional services may be cleaning and rubbish clearance.


A removal company has asked for money up front, should I be worried?
Most companies today ask for a deposit to secure your moving date or the full amount.